New to our product range and specifically designed for use in ice or even a river buoy
300 x 300

IB-1200 is a product of Tideland’s continued development of high performance, low maintenance and cost effective buoys with its European partner, Floatex s.r.l. The unique design of the buoy allows it to be deployed in a variety of applications including the arduous conditions found in arctic waters.

Diameter:  1200mm​

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  • Features

    UV-Stabilised Polyethylene
    IB-1200 comprises three rotomoulded, UV stabilized polyethylene sections; upper body, central body and lower hull. Utilising a bonding technology all three sections are welded together to provide three completely independent sections, isolated from each other. This combination provides a high impact resistance and structural elasticity. In addition, the lower hull section is moulded with a second internal chamber to provide floatation in the event the buoy is damaged. All three sections are moulded with different wall thicknesses designed to provide maximum impact resistance, along with the best stability, in varying currents and sea conditions.

    Long-Term Strength
    Equipped with galvanised steel mooring and lifting eyes making the buoy easy to handle.

    Able to exceed DIN EN ISO 4892-3- 2006 UV stability.

    IB-1200 is available in all recommended IALA colours.

    A self contained lantern can be fitted to the buoy or alternatively it can be equipped with an ice buoy light with an internal battery pack.


  • Specifications
    Application Rivers, Estuaries, Harbours and Channels - Ice Locations
    Construction Rotationally moulded, UV stabilised polyethylene
    Air Weight 910kg (2006 lb)
    Wall Thickness Upper body 15mm
    Central body 20mm
    Lower hull 25mm
    Diameter Maximum 1200mm (3ft 9in)
    Overall Length 4980mm (16ft 4in)
    Nominal Focal Plane Height 2500mm (8ft 2in)
    Draft 2310mm (7ft 7in)
    Submergence 10.4kg/cm (26.4lb/in)
    Radar Reflector 10m2 (X-band) Optional
    Radar Range, nominal 4 to 5NM
    Colour As Specified and according to IALA recommendations
    Lantern Self contained lantern or ice buoy lantern with an internal battery pack
    Ballast 600kg (1322lb) adjustable
    Maximum Mooring Load 346kg (763lb)
    Maximum Current 6 knots

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.